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Tom Gerrard’s career started to take off in 2001 when he took part in his first exhibition in London. During those years overseas, he travelled around Europe and USA where he painted and networked with artists in Stockholm, Dublin, London, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  

On his return to Melbourne in 2004, he had a sold-out solo exhibition and also sold Four pieces to the National Gallery of Australia.

In 2011 Tom set off to South America where he travelled with his wife. For almost two years they covered every country in Latin America by land, followed by a road trip across the USA. Those two years travelling around the Americas were filled with painting, soaking up inspiration and life experience. 

After South America, Tom found himself back in London where he worked as a graphic designer at Christie’s Auction House and some of London's biggest branding and packaging agencies before moving his life to Barcelona where he pursued his art career. During this time, he had a string of successful exhibitions in Paris, London, Berlin and Barcelona. 

In February 2016, Tom moved back to Melbourne where he continues to work as an artist and run his art podcast, Bench Talk.